Holy Family

As all of Life is interconnected and interacting, each of us is a special and invaluable member of the Family of Life.

Whenever a major shift, an evolutionary upgrade, occurs, it is recorded in the fabric of our planet’s life and in unique ways within each sentient being.

The advancement of Christ consciousness/the Mission of Divine Love, and the group work which engenders its movement forward is indelibly recorded within our cellular memory. Re- membering our place within this Holy Family makes it possible for each of us to carry, coordinate and radiate greater Light/Love more effectively through increased clarity, inspiration, balance, groundedness, and resulting peace.

As a channel of the Holy Family, Roslyn McGrath’s resonance, along with the group’s aligned interaction, can support you in reclaiming this context of deep-seated knowing, belonging, and Divine Inheritance.

Current offerings available include:

The following related Upper Octave Courses are also available:

  • A Heavenly Choir, which integrates the energetic support of the Archangels, particularly Metatron, Raphael, Gabriel, and Ephriel, with the vibrational gifts and messages the Holy Family would like to share with you and your particular group at that time.
  • Your Inner Pantheon & Divine Expression – Archangels, Holy Family & Goddesses, Oh My! which brings these high vibrational energies and your connection with them forward into your conscious awareness, along with opportunities to creatively anchor and express their gifts to you.
  • 7 Initiation Series: Deeksha, Angel Light, Black Madonna Rose Light, Gaia Song, Miracle Heart, Archangel Light & Holy Family, which opens and activate vibrational codes within your being for ongoing high vibrational access.

Check the Calendar for specifics on the next training, or contact Roslyn to schedule one or more classes for your group or area.