Inner Goddess

Phoenix Wing & Participants

Contemplative and creative options abound in this rich and transformative experience, facilitated with gentle, loving power and partnered with images, sounds and movement that assist the Goddess within/without to come alive in our awareness and uplift our life experience.

Kuan Yin, Goddess of Compassion; Isis, Goddess of Death & Rebirth; Lakshmi, Goddess of Prosperity; Kali, Goddess of Liberation from Illusion; and Nigoshkwe/Star-Woman, Goddess of Ongoing Evolution, along with the Goddess energy within each one of us, are just a few of the possible energies to explore.

The Goddess workshop exceeded my already high expectations. I felt intensely nourished by the whole event. The power of the transformation remains with me and continues to reform my perception of life. This is a workshop that everyone wanting to integrate more of the Feminine compassionate, potential, warrior, creative, manifesting energy into their lives should plan to attend. – Cynthia W.

The archetypes from antiquity became living entities within my being. Daily pressures and tensions fell off; physical and emotional challenges dissolved and/or transformed into gifts of our own teaching. – Maria F.

Roslyn facilitated with a combination of skill and intuitive trust for the process. This ease created an ease in us as we flowed from one Goddess and her meditation to the next, from one journal time, art time, to the next. Each meditation was a full-body, cellular, integrative experience. I’m soaking in all the deliciousness and am delighted to have these Goddesses sing and dance and speak and be through me. – Helen R.

Learn more about A New Radiance: Chakra Blessings from the Divine Feminine, recorded live as part of a Creating A New Radiance: An Inner Goddess Workshop.

Please click here for workshop schedule & registration information, or contact (906) 228-9097,

Learn more about Inner Goddess Guidance Sessions.

Learn more about Goddess Gifts created by Roslyn Elena McGrath.

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