Dowsing 101 is a 2-hour class in which you’ll discover your “yes”, “no” and “maybe” signals, as well as tools and tips for increased clarity, creating a solid foundation for benefiting from your natural intuitive ability in all areas of life.

You can become your own Intuitive Counselor/Energy Shifter by learning Health-Happiness-Harmony Dowsing. 

Health-Happiness-Harmony Dowsing cuts to the chase and includes the conscious mind in creating powerful transformation and receiving practical wisdom.

This is an intuitive counseling method developed by Anneliese Gabrielle Hagemann in which you use a format of questions and reference book to discover the specific energies at the root of any type of imbalance, and a simple way for you to shift these energies yourself for 100% permanent balance.

In this self-balancing process, specific energies are identified for you to let go of, as well as positive ones with which to replace them. Oftentimes it’s recommended you do this through a “writing out” process, however another form may be suggested, such as thinking it out, drawing it out, singing it out, shouting it out, etc.

People typically feel much lighter, happier and more confident when they have completed the process, and are empowered to take fruitful action on their goals.

The fact is, with the necessary clarification and intent, we are capable of shifting into greater balance in a moment.

I have been on quite the journey since dowsing/divining has been in my life. Many doors have been opened and continue to open; I look at life in myself MORE than ever and that feels spectacular! Thank you from my heart for this training! – Vicki H.

Check the Calendar for specifics on the next training, or contact Roslyn to schedule 1 or more classes for your group or area.

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