Love-Borne LaHo-Chi & Angel Light Training

This ancient form of energetic healing, enabling you to access and share intensive healing for yourself and others, can be learned through a one-weekend training. A safe and complete healing form, Love-Borne LaHo-Chi works from the superconscious level (that aspect closest to God Consciousness), setting up a template for healing on all levels.

Experiences of Oneness and Divine Love, release of past traumas, increased healing abilities, greater access to your psychic gifts, and rapid acceleration of your personal evolution are just a few of the benefits of this powerful healing form.

Who Becomes a Love-Borne LaHo-Chi Facilitator?

• People from all walks of life who desire mental, physical, emotional and spiritual self-healing

• Professional healers and body workers who want to expand their natural healing abilities

• Holistic and alternative health care professionals who want to add a profound healing system to their repertoire

• Anyone who wants to accelerate their own process of personal evolution

What is a Love-Borne LaHo-Chi Training? It’s an EASY-T0-LEARN & COMPLETE TRAINING, however, potential applications of this energy are limitless. The Initiation itself involves a transmission of Love-Borne LaHo-Chi energy, triggering your capacity to be a pure instrument for it.

There are no symbols to memorize, no levels of training, no lengthy list of hand positions, no years of study and no additional types of training required to utilize this profound energy powerfully and effectively.

It is our birthright to be able to access and share these high frequencies. And the more you utilize Love-Borne LaHo-Chi, the stronger your foundation with it grows.

You will be trained in the standard hand positions for Love-Borne LaHo-Chi healing and self-healing sessions, and methods for distance and environmental healing, as well as give and receive Love-Borne LaHo-Chi sessions with fellow participants.

Angel Light Training is also included–a form of connecting with the Angelic Kingdom for healing that combines well with a Love-Borne LaHo-Chi  session.

What Are Some of the Other Benefits Of Love-Borne LaHo-Chi & a Love-Borne LaHo-Chi Training?

  • Intensive Personal Healing & Self-Empowerment on All Levels
  • Greater Healing Ability through the LaHo-Chi and any other modalities
  • Experience Divine Communion
  • Reach Deep Meditative States more quickly and easily
  • Release Past Traumas
  • Increase Access to Your Natural Gifts
  • Experience Your Own & Others’ Divinity
What is Love-Borne LaHo-Chi? Love-Borne LaHo-Chi is a very high frequency of healing energy which utilizes the laying-on of hands. Because energy can be neither created nor destroyed, we understand that this energy has existed since the beginning of time. It was first utilized on Earth in early Lemuria, and its most recent prior use was in ancient China. It was re-discovered in the U.S. in 1991 in a channeled session by  a spiritual teacher in response to a request for a comprehensive healing system. 


How Does Love-Borne LaHo-Chi Work? Though of very high frequency, Love-Borne LaHo-Chi is a simple and complete system of safe healing energy that works on the superconscious level (the level considered closest to God) to facilitate profound transformation on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It activates a blueprint for total healing. The Higher Self of the receiver then draws through whatever degree and manner of healing is most perfect for the individual at that time. The resulting energetic changes are permanent.

The Love-Borne LaHo-Chi facilitator is completely protected from any negative energies shed by the receiver, and instead receives healing simultaneously.

Love-Borne LaHo-Chi may be re-invoked by the healee on their own to receive further benefits for at least 3 days following the session and possibly much longer.

*Please note this is an Initiation, involving a major shift in the energy of your being, so nurture yourself as much as possible before, during and after this experience, providing a Sacred Space for this journey. Issues may come up for healing at this time. Accept this as the normal, natural and beneficial occurrence it is and gift yourself with the loving care you deserve.

This is a one-weekend training for a lifelong change. 

Please click here for workshop schedule & registration information, or contact (906) 228-9097, for scheduling.

I was skeptical at first. The Love-Borne LaHo-Chi training made me realize it was more powerful than what I’d ever dreamed. It’s amazing! Used in the proper way, Love-Borne LaHo-Chi can bring miracles to yourself and to others, because it’s a pure giving. It’s very comforting knowing I have this at my fingertips. Love-Borne LaHo-Chi is tremendously helpful, not only as a form of prayer, but also as a form of self-empowerment. If you bring it into your daily life, things change for the better. Love-Borne LaHo-Chi is a great way of healing yourself and a great way of helping others to heal. – Stephen O’Dell, Jr.

The training changed my life! Laho-Chi continues to expand my perceptions of the universe and has opened me to begin experiencing a journey of synchronistic discovery of Self. Roslyn held a wonderful space of love and exploration for us during the LaHo Chi training and spoke words of kind wisdom as she guided us through each step of the process. We were each encouraged to reflect on our personal discoveries and share them through creative mediums of our choice. My allowance of the LaHo Chi energy to flow and work through my life has grown tenfold with practice. It has shed light upon opportunities to shift doubts and fears into confidence that the love I AM is boundless and transformational. If you feel drawn to experience LaHo Chi, follow your soul’s calling! – Katie C.

Practicing Love-Borne LaHo-Chi on myself got me through the difficult period of taking care of my mother at her home during the last three weeks of her life. It gave me immediate relief, helping me let go of the tightness around my heart and overall stress, and to stay present and centered through this challenge. Thank you, Roslyn, for sharing this training with all of us! – Debra R.

The Love-Borne LaHo-Chi training helped me start asking for and receiving insight along with healing. I love it! Thank you for being such a blessing and inspiration! – Amanda N.

The LaHo-Chi training has made me more aware of my massage therapy clients’ needs and increased my intuition skills. My clients love it – many experience deeper relaxation, greater awareness of themselves and their needs, and receive valuable guidance for their lives. – Cassandra W.

Please click here for workshop schedule & registration information, or contact (906) 228-9097,

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    • Thanks for your interest, George. I do not have any scheduled there myself at this time. You might check around to see if someone else might possibly be, although the “hotspots” for this that I’m aware of are N. Carolina, Wisconsin, California, and Upper Michigan, which is where I’m located.

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