Archangel Light Training

The Archangels are very active in our world now, and require our conscious interaction with them to better fulfill their mission.

By learning to become a clear conduit for their healing frequencies, you can help yourself and others achieve greater alignment between all the systems and aspects of the body-mind system.

Archangel Light helps repair weaves that are weakened or broken, tears in the auric field, congestion and/or depletion in your energy flows.

More clarity is brought to your Light levels, strength to your underlying grids and portals, access to your constellations of Light, grounding to your electrical nature, and ease of motion to your Primal Pump.

The healing frequencies of the Archangel’s help you to become more aware of your Light over time, more confident. You become stronger and more capable in following through with your purpose. You become more purposeful in your choices, and attract more of what suits your unique nature, more at-one with yourself, less disturbed by inner turmoil, increasing your alignment with your Soul’s calling.

This weekend training includes:

  • Initiation into the Archangel Light Healing energy
  • Learning newly uncovered aspects of the human energy system
  • Learning a variety of formats for sharing the energy with yourself and others
  • Giving and receiving Archangel Light Healing sessions  

You’ll receive deep personal healing, lay the foundation for sharing Archangel Light professionally, and help facilitate planetary healing.

Prior experience in energy field healing is helpful for this advanced level training, however exceptions may be made in some cases.

Check the Calendar for upcoming trainings, or contact Roslyn to schedule for your group or area.