How to Go from See-Sawing to the Vibrational Mountaintop

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Ever find yourself feeling low after a celebration, retreat, or spiritual adventure?

I get it. Sometimes the contrast between this and your regular day-to-day just seems to make things worse.

Or maybe it’s been way too long since you even had one of those highs. A part of you knows things can be better, and you want more-more Light, Grace, ease, upliftment. You’re doing your best to live your values, maybe even faithfully following a spiritual practice to support this.

But sometimes you’re just not feeling the benefits, especially with all the challenges happening in the world right now. Sometimes you might wish you could just be beamed up to where there’s no struggle, no conflict, no disappointment, no heartache, or at least catch a break!

vibrational equilibrium,how to keep your vibe high, Marquette MI lightworker, Marquette MI energy healing, Marquette MI spiritual teachings, U.P. holistic business

I get those yearnings too. And it so helps me to have times when I can bask in a powerful field of loving support and simply receive, rather than try to make something happen, or not happen. At their core, our hearts and souls know we can experience more Grace, and within these parts of ourselves are keys to help unlock this.

Thankfully, some very powerful tools have become available to empower the wisdom of our hearts and souls, replenishing and uplifting the energies of our bodies, minds, spirits, and lives to help us have that more Grace-filled experience of life on Earth.

I have put together my best-of-the-best for this, gathered from nearly a quarter-century’s learning, specially sequenced and combined to amplify their impact in Heart & Soul Empowerment, bringing peak benefits to support your fulfillment. Each modality included has helped me overcome personal challenges, moving my heart and soul’s expression forward in my relationships, art, healing work, self-publishing, and more.

vibrational equilibrium,how to keep your vibe high, Marquette MI lightworker, Marquette MI energy healing, Marquette MI spiritual teachings, U.P. holistic business, heart and soul empowerment, spiritual empowerment

We’ll have three magical evenings together starting next week, during which you’ll get to bask in at least seven different high vibrational energies (LIVE or through video replay as needed), and can choose to actively participate in three very simple, yet profound, heart-and-soul supportive practices.

You’ll also receive special support for your process through messages I’ll channel specifically for our group from the Archangels, the Akashic (Soul Records) Counselors, and more.

Perhaps best of all in these hectic and challenging times, there is nothing you have to learn to deeply receive these energies. Instead, you get to chill out big-time in a powerful field designed to help bring your shining spirit more fully into all aspects of your life.

Regardless of your level of experience with energy field healing, your belief system, or the stressors that may be in your life, Heart & Soul Empowerment can help lighten your load because the wisdom of your heart, soul, and Higher Self are in charge of the process.

For more info and to register, click here.

And if you register by July 11th, you’ll receive a special Channeled Meditation!

Namaste & many blessings,
Roslyn Elena McGrath

P.S. By registering quickly, you can also grab one of the limited number of premium spots available, giving you THREE 1:1 sessions strategically sequenced with the group activities so you get their max benefit, and tailored completely to your unique needs and nature at deep levels with my newest tools.

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How Will You Cope & Thrive?

Such interesting juxtapositions and opportunities going on right now. We are having this very palpable experience of our global connectedness. I see it like a rubber band twisting through each continent, growing tighter. Some areas may try to heave their part back from the rest, which may result in a thwap right into the rest, but the connection remains.

So I thought I’d share my musings on this with you, and a special offer.

* Will this strengthen our understanding of all our forms of connectedness, environmental, energetic, and so on to the point that increased cooperation and collaboration becomes the norm?

* Social distancing makes me even more appreciative of my home and our digital technology. Will increased emotional distance become your norm, or greater closeness with others?

* Can you feel you and me hugging without our touching?

* Can you feel the love between you and others whether they are in your vicinity constantly, very occasionally, or not at all?

metaphysical teachings, spiritual guidance, energy healing Marquette MI, spiritual empowerment, connection

* Will you make this an opportunity to do your best to increase your wellness on all fronts and levels, or do you believe you have little choice in the matter?

* Will you replay your worries and fears, believing it’s a given that anyone in their “right mind” would feel this way, or will you do the best to feed yourself the thoughts that support your resiliency?

* Will you contract your energy, to try to protect yourself, or will you expand your energy, bringing your inner light more fully present around you into your true protection?

* If you are having unexpected downtime, will you do your best to milk the gifts in this and bask in it and your all-level wellness process?

* Will you ask for support if you are struggling to make these positive choices and just don’t seem able to do it?

spiritual support, emotional freedom, spiritual guidance Marquette MI

Every moment is a moment in which we get to choose again. It’s likely that most of us won’t make the same kinds of choices 100% of the time. Will you call on your angels and all of your spiritual support team, even if you have no sign or proof of their existence, asking them to help you with the choices you prefer?

It is reasonable and responsible to take precautions. It’s the way that we take them that can make all the difference in the world.

Each day, each moment, is a new opportunity to breathe peace, love & vibrant health into your being and out to the world. It’s also a powerful opportunity for clearing whatever energies/issues may come up that seem to block you from feeling this.

I’m here to support you if you would like to work together on this, and am currently offering 20-min., 40-min., 1-hour & 1.5 hour sessions by phone or Zoom on a sliding scale basis. Options include:

• Chakra Check-Up & Support
• Guidance from Your Spiritual Team
• Shifting from Fear to Empowerment
• Fast-Forward to Freedom/Issue Balancing
• Energy Field Healing – Chakra Balancing, Archangel Light, LaHo-Chi &/or Deeksha/Oneness Blessing
• Soul Body Fusion ® (1-hour total only)

Please feel free to contact me for more info and scheduling.

Namaste, and much peace, joy, love & vibrant health to us all!

Roslyn Elena McGrath