Rainbow Dancer

I consider “Rainbow Dancer” the representative of Goddess Heart Dancing so I thought I’d share her full image and message here with you today.


“Rainbow Dancer” copyright Roslyn McGrath. All rights reserved.

Rainbow Dancer’s Message

My spin spreads color
throughout the Universe,
tints merging and blending
in the kaleidoscope of Creation.
I respond to the music of solar flares,
and lightning tunneling through time and space
to create more opportunity
as the Universe expands its breath.
I am compliant with the Radiance
that guides us to ever-vaster wondrousness.
And so it is.

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Many blessings to you,

Roslyn Elena McGrath

(1) Image & excerpt from Goddess Heart Dancing, copyright 2018, Roslyn McGrath. All rights reserved.

Goddess Heart Dancing & the Language of Soul

“The arts speak the language of the soul. I believe soul’s presence and that of the feminine aspect of Divinity are needed in our world now more than ever.


Lakwanna (She Who Dreams Reality Into Being)

When I began painting Goddesses in 2002, I had no idea I would eventually paint at least thirty-five and compile them into two volumes of a series, along with poems, meditations, and journaling questions. I was simply following along as I felt guided by a sense of each Goddess’s energy asking to be conveyed in a particular way, leading me to transform old kitchen cabinet and bi-fold closet doors, as well as some canvases. Each painting has taught me much about that Goddess’s energy, through not only its final depiction, but also the process of its creation and the related writings that later developed.

I believe these archetypal energies show us not only the Divine resources available to us, but also the Divine resources available within ourselves and through truly connecting with our Earthly gifts of fire, air, earth and water, regardless of gender. During my workshops and private sessions, I have witnessed the profound impact these images and writings can have upon others, functioning as doorways into the vibrational field and gifts of each archetype. It is my hope that you will benefit from them also.” (1)

Synchronistically, as I was completing the proof version, I was invited to join the Marquette Poets Circle Interactive Art Exhibit at the Peter White Public Library, April 9 – 28, which focuses on poetry written in response to art.

Author and participant Janeen Rastall very generously put together a website so you can scan a QR code alongside the original art and hear the author his or her work. Click here to see an image of Grandmother of the 13 Moons and hear me read the meditation that goes with it. 

If you’re in the Marquette, MI area, I highly recommend you visit this fascinating exhibit with everything from a giant Big Foot sculpture to an Asian scroll, along with some excellent poetry!

And I hope you’ll also join me for my online launch on April 16th, in which you’ll have a chance to win a FREE Goddess Reading by phone, video conference call or in person with me. Please click here for more info.

Many blessings to you,

Roslyn Elena McGrath

(1) Image & excerpt from Goddess Heart Dancing, copyright 2018, Roslyn McGrath. All rights reserved.

New Day, New Flow, New Sharing

Dead River Falls, Kevin R. McGrath

My heart is overflowing.  

Ever feel there is no hope for a particular situation or desire in your life? Like a big ball of “can’t” is sitting on your chest?  That any attempt to break it apart would result in chaos and many, many tears? Any effort to push it away would only cause it to bounce back into place?

And then, with no apparent changes in your outer world,  for no “reasonable” reason, hope returns.

Not the “I wish…. oh, maybe, maybe, maybe” but the hopeFULLness that comes with a sense of knowing, joyful anticipation, and of clear choice.

I worked with a client last night who had this stream flowing fully through her, and it changed me, building upon what was in process below the surface, and what had developed from recently receiving a powerful energy field healing myself. 

I choose total love for what I am doing, and what I am choosing. And it is flowing!

I am so excited about sharing my work, and sharing a life of love with love. 

Birthing Post-Resurrection: The Family of Mary Magdalene is an integral part of this. Here’s the excerpt I opened to sharing today:

When it was time for my departure from the Earth plane, I was not alone.  I was tended by all the souls whom I had supported during my lifetime. Jesus was there, and Judas as well, both of my parents, and all whom I had adored who had gone before me. They lined the passageway to a place of dazzling Light, welcoming me home. It was a joyous occasion, as I accepted the slowing down of my physical breath, blessed my physical form for its service to me and all, and humbly ascended into the Heavenly Light to be born into my whole self again. It was magical!

And I truly believe, if all humanity understood that their place in Heaven is assured, and is real, they would begin to own their Divine nature throughout their human lifetime. Feel it now! It is not of ego. It is the true Love, the conditionless Source of our nature, bubbling forth to remind all that you cannot extinguish your Light, only divert your attention from it!! That our sovereign nature belies the smallness we have witnessed and at times clung to in our belief systems, and that there is so much more available to us all than has yet been realized in humanity’s time on Earth.

Open yourselves now and step into your Divine Reality! Wait no more! Heaven/Earth is here, now!!!!!!

I am Marie de la Madeleine, and I am loving you all, forever and all-ways!!!!!!

I am feeling the upgrade. I hope you are too.

There are so many more wonders to be shared between us all. Here, on the Earth Plane, in grounded, expansive, magnificent style!

I will be guided to share more of the Holy Family with you in the near future. If you’re inclined to experience more of this energy for yourself 1:1, please contact me for scheduling a phone, Skype or in-person appointment, and/or purchase Post-Resurrection. 

If you would like to experience the Holy Family’s energy sharing and working with you as part of a group, please join me for my Book Release Celebration for Post-Resurrection on June 10, “follow” me here and/or on Facebook, and contact me if you’d like to host such an experience in your area.

Namaste & many blessings to you!

Roslyn Elena McGrath

Creative Wisdom Emerging

cw-wkbk-front-cvrYup, I am on FIRE right now with new ideas and ways to implement them – a new book, a new Goddess painting, new events and workshops, even some new services coming!

Of course, I can’t do it all now, but it’s all in one of 3 stages – just-done, about-to-do, and getting-ready-to-do.

Just about done is Creative Wisdom Emerging. After ten years of Creative Wisdom Cards, I realized I could learn how to go deeper with them. The result of that journey has helped form  Creative Wisdom Emerging: 11 Steps for Advanced Use of Creative Wisdom Cards. I can honestly say that without the aid of the steps outlined here keeping me on track and delving deeper, I do not gain nearly as much insight, real-life impact, and energetic integration as I do when using this workbook.

If you can make it to U.P. Authors’ Day on Sat., Oct. 8th, you’ll get a sneak preview of my draft copy. Final proofing, modifications, and printing will be complete in time for a 10th Anniversary Celebration of Creative Wisdom Cards on Sat., Nov. 5th.

3 more events and 3 new Goddess paintings to come before 2016’s over, plus new opportunities in 2017. Stay posted for more info!