Love in the Time of COVID One-Nine

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Is EVERYTHING ultimately love?

Even that which seems to harm or destroy something we love?

How “big” into the bigger picture should we go?

Two days ago, I channeled Gaia and the overlighting energy of COVID-19 for the Out There podcast. Love and higher purpose came up quite a bit.

Do I LOVE what’s going on in our world right now? No, not all of it. But I am aware of what an incredibly strong call has gone out for all of us to step up and into greater use of our superpowers now, and of how much good has begun happening already. And that LOVE is the strongest and most universally available superpower of them all.

Please listen here, share with others, honor and use all your superpowers, and take most excellent care of yourself, one another, and our beautiful home, Mother Earth.

Namaste & many blessings,

Roslyn Elena McGrath