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Energy Healing Training in the U.P., LaHo-Chi & Angel Light Healing Training Marquette MI, holistic healing, energy field healing in MI's Upper Peninsula

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This is the deepest I’ve ever gone into myself, to feel myself incorporated in me.  I want to thank you for that because it’s changing my whole life in every aspect….This is the clearest I have ever felt in my life. You have empowered all of us. Thank you for your teachings.


I was going in 52 directions all at the same time. I’ve stepped back and done a lot more reflecting and said Hey, I can handle it this way. Before, I was not willing to completely voice my opinion, and now I’m becoming much more present with my own voice. I’m getting a lot more self-confidence, and feeling a lot more worthy. I’m very much at peace.


Before my work with Roslyn, I doubted myself constantly, would have a “scatter” brain a lot of the time, and cried a lot because I felt like I was taking the wrong path, doing the wrong thing. Now I have a sureness that I haven’t experienced before, and a calm before I jump to the next project. I’m not feeling I’m inadequate because I didn’t get it right the first time. I’m being nicer to myself, and not feeling like I’m unworthy nearly as often. I’m recognizing my triggers and letting go of them….