Post-Resurrection: The Family of Magdalene

Discover secrets of our past, present and future evolution through a new vision of the Holy Family.

– What legacies do Mary Magdalene and Jesus, their children, Judas Iscariot and Martha offer you?

– How did their lives evolve after the Resurrection?

–  And what roles do they play in our lives now?

A story of love, devotion to spiritual evolution, and wisdom for the ages develops through the messages channeled from Mary Magdalene, Jesus of Nazareth, their spiritually-conceived children, her sister Martha, and Judas Iscariot in this powerful follow-up to The Third Mary:  Messages for Empowering Truth, Peace & Grace from the Mother of Mary Magdalene. You’ll discover their personal struggles, gifts, and lessons learned; witness their spiritual growth and teachings; and absorb their individual forms of support and advice for us now.

Channel Roslyn Elena McGrath brings the distinct voices and essences of each family member alive through their individual messages about their personal and spiritual lives, and their responses to a wide array of readers’ questions on topics such as our biological and spiritual connections with them, the real truth and purpose of the Resurrection, spiritual conception, personal love, Goddess traditions, the Grail legacy, multi-spouse marriages in biblical times, the later lives of Joseph of Arimathea and Mary Magdalene’s youngest sister Miriam, sacrifice vs. self-empowerment, Jesus’s parenting style, Mary Magdalene’s spiritual training, recognizing the difference between ego and intuition, the process of creating Heaven on Earth, the nature of time, and more.

Hear Mary Magdalene and those closest to her speak as never before about their human and spiritual lives and benefit from their energies, experiences, and wisdom to awaken your own Divinely Human nature.

Through the voices of the holy family, Roslyn McGrath’s newest book brings a rare and important glimpse into the lives and paths of Magdalene and Christ after their time in Israel. Revealing new understandings of the roles each played, each family member shares their wisdom and life experience to guide us on our life’s journey. A must read for those who yearn to know more of this amazing story of love and destiny! – Flo Aeveia Magdalena, author of I Remember Union

"Post-Resurrection: The Family of Mary Magdalene"



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*Holy Family Book Set (Post-Resurrection and The Third Mary)
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