New Earth Channel Panel (TM) Recording

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Discover what the energies of Gaia, Archangel Metatron, the Middle Earth Beings, Life, and the Future have to say about our planetary evolution into the New Earth and how we can best support it.

This special evening of channeled messages was recorded on April 10, 2020 by Joy Regina Melchezidek & Roslyn Elena McGrath.

Joy Regina Melchezidek

JRMBorn a conscious channel, Joy Regina is honored to offer a wide variety of heart and soul modalities that support empowerment and freedom. She is a clear channel, soul coach, healer, psychic detective/ medium. teacher and an advocate for children and peace. In Collaboration with The Council of One, Joy Regina authored, “Healing Duality through the Peace of Oneness” offering suggestions and information on living peace in everyday life.

Joyfully serving with an open, loving, wise heart, Joy Regina invites you to release limitations and embrace the Divine within, so you are free to live the Oneness with purpose and endless blessings.

Roslyn Elena McGrath

U.P. channel, spiritual reader in Marquette MI, energy field healer, U.P. holistic practitioner, Marquette Mi intuitive counselor

Roslyn is a natural channel as well as an author of five books, a visionary artist, energy field healer, and intuitive counselor. She continues to illuminate ever more of how we can access our spiritual foundation to enlighten our Earthly experience. Her most recent creation, Chakra Activation Cards, shares ground-breaking material on the three octaves of our 22-chakra system, helping to inspire and support our ongoing evolution.

Roslyn is known for her ability to cut-to-the chase in a gentle, clear, loving manner. She revels in the opportunity to support your unique personal growth and empowerment process with as much Grace, joy, and compassion as possible, helping to lighten your way.

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