Goddess Heart Rising

Goddess Heart Rising front cover for photosExplore the feminine face of God and ways to more fully live your unique, Divine potential with Goddess Heart Rising: Paintings, Poems & Meditations for Activating Your Divine Potential.

Powerful, original and insightful art, poetry, meditations and reflection questions guide you to connect with the Goddess within/without, drawing upon your inner resources for greater adventurousness, compassion, self-love, peace, faith, vitality, abundance, fortitude, adaptability, inspiration, assertiveness, and wisdom.

Professional artist, intuitive and healer Roslyn Elena McGrath’s 10-year process of bringing archetypal feminine energies into tangible form through paintings, workshops, poems, meditations and channeled readings supports your capacity to honor and express your Divine nature in daily life.

Goddess Heart Rising’s fresh, modern interpretations of timeless spiritual energies create a unique, multi-level journey that will inspire and support you to express your intrinsic strengths, beauty and positive possibilities for a more empowered and fulfilling life.

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*Book and cards also available at Panara Imports and Garden Bouquet & Design in Marquette, MI.

Experience each Goddess as a living presence and activate their specific powers in your body, mind and life to gift yourself a new radiance for healing, empowering all your facets with A New Radiance: Chakra Blessings from the Divine Feminine.

Each guided meditation helps you access qualities within you for whole-self balancing and upliftment from the perspective of a particular Goddess archetype. Created from the catalytic place where art meets life by author, artist and healer Roslyn Elena McGrath.

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*Click here to listen to a free guided meditation from A New Radiance: Chakra Blessings from the Divine Feminine  Blessing from Lakshmi, Goddess of Prosperity. 

The 7 ½  – 10 minute tracks on this recording include Chakra Blessings from Kuan Yin, Goddess of Compassion, Isis, Goddess of Death & Rebirth, Lakshmi, Goddess of Prosperity, Kali, Goddess of Liberation from Illusion, and Nigoshkwe/Star-Woman, Goddess of Ongoing Evolution. 

 This is poetry and beautiful and like a prayer. – Barbara R.

 Inspiring! – Leonard N.

Relaxing, uplifting, encouraging, confirming… – Carol R.

I love these meditations! – Jean D.

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*Learn more about Inner Goddess WorkshopsInner Goddess Guidance Sessionsand Goddess Gifts from Roslyn Elena McGrath.

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