Chakras Alive!

Chakras Alive, front cover finalActivate the Riches of Your Personal Energy System for Greater Health & Happiness!

If your chakras could speak, what might they share about your desires, needs, gifts, and challenges? How might they assist you in creating a more balanced, masterful, and fulfilling life?

Whether you are a novice or expert, Chakras Alive! will help you to better meet and even benefit from recurring challenges; become more resilient, healthy and joyful; and access more and more of your infinite potential.

Chakras Alive!’s activational artwork, poetry, channeled information, guided meditations, key questions, energetic healing techniques and suggestions for daily living are drawn from healing artist and holistic practitioner Roslyn Elena McGrath’s 20 years of experience with personal, individual and group healing, and her innate talent for making higher frequencies relatable and understandable.

Chakras Alive! offers a personal guide to chakra healing with cutting edge information and an array of clear, step-by-step options in a multitude of modalities for putting your chakras’ wisdoms into practice.

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*Also available at Panara Imports and Garden Bouquet & Design in Marquette, MI.

Chakras Alive CD front cover design 7-31-16

Chakras Alive! Meditations for Igniting Your Energy Centers

Meet, activate & expand your NINE main energy centers with the 9 guided meditations from Chakras Alive! Exploring & Expanding Your Inner Rainbow.

Narrated by author Roslyn Elena McGrath, with special acoustic background designed to support your chakra system.

What Others Have to Say about Chakras Alive! Meditations for Igniting Your Energy Centers:

Very soothing, reflective and expansive…. ·

A healing journey that can have a profound influence, especially with regular use. 

Helped me get into that peaceful expansive feeling of loving and being loved! 

Positive, holistic and peace-enhancing. . . It will help you get in touch with your highest self and remind you of your potential when you get lost or over-burdened.

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