Notes on Life & Creativity

When purposefully channeled, creativity can transform every part of our lives. By creativity, I mean that aspect of ourselves which is intuitive and beyond the usual scope of our existence, allowing us to perceive, experience and understand our world in new and unique ways. My understanding is that all of us are created with infinite potential to utilize this part of ourselves consciously.

When I made a point of bringing forth my creative self, I had no idea that it would be so much fun. I had been afraid of it. I had thought that my creativity would take over my life like some sort of monster, destroying the other parts. What I’ve discovered is that it actually helps heal all the parts. Rather than “usurping my life,” creativity informs it, providing outlets for the expression of many aspects of me. I have used it to help heal a tumultuous relationship. Desperate for guidance, I surrendered my pen to the Great Creator and fable-like stories appeared on the page. These tales made apparent the core issues of the conflict and how to resolve it, with a light and humorous style that stood out against the angst I felt at the time.

I have allowed my creativity to bring new avenues for assisting others’ growth and healing. For example, I now create written, visual and experiential art for others which clarifies and reflects aspects of their spirituality, self-growth and life path. This process has been very healing for me as well, as it has integrated what in the past had felt very separate – my art and my spirituality.

My creativity also helped me realize my dream of visiting Hawaii by conjuring up a barter that not only reduced the trip’s cost but also greatly increased the meaningfulness of my time there. I traded spiritual counseling, art and dowsing lessons for a place to stay – a small apartment in Honolulu with a young couple and their three year-old daughter. In a week’s time, we strangers becamse much closer than I had anticipated, and I learned much from them in the process. These three people continue to be a beautiful gift in my life.

At one time I would have thought such transformative experiences were just something that happened to other people. When I was twenty-five and teaching art full time in the public school system, I thought I would probably continue that way for the rest of my life. I would keep my creativity in a controlled little niche, perhaps doing some painting on the side, and lead a pretty conventional lifestyle. I was miserable. And it wasn’t because I was in the wrong job. My unhappiness was due to the fact that I thought I was done creating myself and my life, when in actuality I had barely begun.

Everything about our lives is created – our experiences, our possessions, our concepts and beliefs, our system of government and economics, our children, our relationships – everything. Let’s take ownership of that and do it as consciously as we’re able, matching our creations as best we can to our true desires.

I believe the Creator has created us in His/Her likeness. In the grand diversity of this world, we can experience our creativity in each moment. Let’s create Heaven on Earth, as we unearth our own dreams and make them come true.

© Roslyn McGrath. Originally printed in Harmony Bridge, Volume I, Issue 1, April/May 2002.

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