Letting Go of Illusion

Take away your brain. Take away your Ego, all falsehood and recreation, your job, relationships, and chosen roles in life. Remove your cooking and color preferences, books, learning and all illusions of the three-dimensional world. Allow your hopes, dreams and history to fade away. Imagine even your voice and body have disappeared. Let your troubles, joys and preconceptions evaporate. You will know when this state of emptiness has been reached, for all forms of desire will be gone.

Don’t worry, it’s a temporary reflection of an internal truth – that beyond all our forms, structures, ideas and ideals lies a pure state of Being-nes, of Infinite, Unmanifest Poetential from which all else springs forth. It’s the heart of creation – it’s the Void.

Many of us, myself included, spend much of our personal energy “a-voiding” this natural and limitless state. Being beyond all illusion, our illusions must be left behind. This can seem scary. What am I if not these human roles and activities? Am I really that Infinite Potential of God? And if so, what will happen to those precious structures I’ve built into my life with such care? Perhaps they’ll all come tumbling down like the house of cards they really are, leaving me no-one, no-where.

More likely, their absence or newly perceived insubstantialness will breathe greater freedom and flexibility into my attitudes, beliefs, and chosen activities. For as I still live on the earth plane, these toys are available for my re-creation. And I may have greater discernment in my choice of them with the experience of the Void in me.

Breathe out. Breathe in. Let it out. Let it in. The world is a wonderful place when I view it without attachment. Pleasure? Yes. Bondage? No. These are some of the options I’m playing with in the game of Life.

I hope you’re enjoying your own creations. Either way, the option exists for all of us to experience regular time-outs. Let your sense of God/Creator lead the way into the Great Emptiness, the Great All, and re-member ourUnity/Oneness, the flip side of Creation/Diversification in the Whole/Holy coin.

God, may your winds sweep through me,

clearing all,

transfiguring all parts

into a newly shining whole

reflecting Divine Order

and emanating your Essence.

© Roslyn McGrath. All rights reserved. Previously published in Harmony Bridge, Volume I, Issue 5, December 2002/January 2003.

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