At the Heart of It

Imagine a wheel with your heart at the center and each activity in your life being a spoke on this wheel, supporting and transporting your heart. Would your life feel better than it does now? If so, consider taking a deeper look at this metaphor. Underneath it all, this is the process that is occurring even as you read this article. It is understood that there will be bumps in the road and adjustments in the alignment of your wheel, but the method remains the same – all of your endeavors ultimately connect with your heart, sustaining and sustained by it, evolving and evolved by it.

The concepts associated with the seven main chakras, vortices of energy absorbed and released by every human being in the process of living, can help one to more fully understand this relationship. Consider the following a journey through your being and feel free to use it as the basis for a guided meditation if you like, noting any changes or additions summoned forth by your own consciousness as you absorb this material.

So we begin, naturally, at the Heart itself, the source of the blood flowing throughout your body, which in turn brings fundamental nutrients to all areas. This is where our internal rhythm is found. Listen to it and drum along if you like. Notice how soothing it is to do so. The heart feeds you not only physically but emotionally. Love is here – not simply sentimental feelings or attachment to people, places or things, but the ever-present Love that sources the Universe. This is the esence of your spirit and the flame by which your soul is ignited.

Each and every person’s expression of love is unique, because each of us holds specific keys to energy that supports life. These keys are essential to our evolution as a species and they have the capacity to  transform the planet. This is accomplished through Love, the Truth Carrier. The knowledge carried within each of us is a vital source of nourishment that can only be understood fully through the heart. This mental comprehension bears fruit through the spiritual nature of the heart, which guides us beyond the desires of our ego-motivated selves, to the desires of our divine Nature.

The solar plexus chakras is the Will Center, carrying with it the potential of stability and strength – the spiritual warrior. When one’s will is empowered by Love, it moves that love forward by expressing it truly, bridging the tangible and the intangible, (the throat chakra/communication), through one’s creations and relationships, (sacral/sex chakra), experiencing their warm, vital flow as envisioned, (pineal/third eye chakra), and made manifest in the world, (root/survival chakra, the foundation of all earthly existence), as part of the Heavenly reality, (crown/spiritual chakra), which makes Earth possible. These connections are ongoing and interwoven in the fabric of our lives.

So consider taking this spiral journey now, with your heart as the starting point. Notice how its warm glow feeds your will, helping to align the will with its Eternal Source; how it extends upward, guiding your communication, expressing and creating from this source in your career, your sexuality, your relationships; how the Heart of Love inspires your ideas to make your earthly reality more fully expressive of heavenly reality through your thoughts and actions, helping you to recognize your own spiritual identity in the process, and your role on Earth. Love is the power. All facets of Life serve Love, moving it forward as we evolve in awareness together.

Do parts of your life appear to negate the statements above? If this is the case, it is merely Love showing you where adjustment is required in this life spiral for you to more fully experience your own true nature. Love what Love is showing you and you will be led to positive change, as the wheel continues ever onward.

May you experience your journey with Love.

© Roslyn McGrath. All rights reserved. Originally published in Harmony Bridge, Vol., 1, Issue, 3, August/September 2002.

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