Life Purpose Drawing/Soul Gifts Sketch

What inborn gifts would it be most helpful for you to be aware of right now?

What would it be like to look at a symbolic reflection of the beauty within you, made especially for you, each day?

To have a creative, colorful catalyst for continued deepening awareness of your true nature?

A Life Purpose Drawing/Soul Gifts Sketch enhances your knowledge and appreciation of some of the gifts you were born with which are fundamental to your Life Purpose, and can catalyze your personal evolution and increased self-love.

Soul Gifts Sketches are also available for couples, projects and groups.

Roslyn’s Soul Gift Sketches are magical.  The one she created for me instilled a greater understanding of myself and my creative spirit. With the information came the courage to follow my unique creative path.  It hangs on my studio wall as a constant reminder. – Kristen B., Film Score Composer

THANK YOU, Roslyn! So much of my personal spiritual journey in the past few years as been about me Remembering Who I AM. When I look around my home today, I see symbols all around me and yet none has the energy and personal connection of the Powerful Life Purpose Drawing you did for me. I treasure it! – Lucy LaFaive, Joyful Living Facilitator

It is easy to look into a mirror, but how often do you get a chance to look into your soul? So far, I have requested two portraits. These masterpieces are my reminders of who I am and what I am striving for. In them I can see where I was and how far I have come. The beauty resonating within the frame reminds me of what I am capable of doing. Each is a snapshot of the me that people can only glimpse – unless they truly look at me, or my walls. – Angela DuFay

Also Available: Healer’s Touchstone Drawing –  Connect with and draw support from the source of your healing work with a symbolic, energy-radiating oil pastel depiction of your gift/skill.

To commission a drawing with free phone or video conference call mini-reading for yourself, a loved one, a couple, project or group, contact

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