Soul Path Overview Drawing

Soul Path Overview Drawings provide a spiritual perspective on where you’re currently at, the influence of prior lifetimes upon this, and where you’re heading in visual form. 

A free 1:1 in-person, phone or video conference call session of up to 1.25 hours (1.5 for couples) is included to discuss your drawing, its impact upon you, and how you might best absorb its benefits, along with any additional support desired through Akashic (Soul Records) channeling, healing, and/or coaching.

You can schedule a Soul Path Overview Drawing & Free Session for yourself or a loved one, as well as partners.

For in-person sessions, please contact Roslyn at (906) 228-9097, for scheduling. A local discount will be applied.

For distance sessions, please use the “Buy Now” button below and Roslyn will contact you for scheduling. Shipping & handling for your drawing is included free.

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