Creative Wisdom Cards

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Selected images from Creative Wisdom Cards, © Roslyn McGrath

If you desire greater peace, joy and fulfillment in your life, Creative Wisdom products are for you!

Creative Wisdom Cards bring forth the wisdom within you to help you:

– Discover New, Freedom-Creating Perspectives on Old Challenges

– Better Recognize & Act Upon Your True Needs & Desires

– Share More Compassion with Yourself and Others

– Experience Your Interconnection with All Life

– More Fully Anchor Consciousness of Our Oneness, Wholeness & Infinite Possibilities 

Each Creative Wisdom Cards set contains 33 vibrant images drawn from the spiritual level of Nature, with gentle, clear wisdom on the back revealing hidden realities & transformative perspectives, plus helpful suggestions on ways to reap their full benefits. A deep purple velvet pouch is included for elegant safekeeping.

To see examples of individual Creative Wisdom Cards, click here.

To purchase, click here.

Over the years, I have seen many cards but this deck has been the only one I use again and again. Every time I use my Creative Wisdom Cards in a workshop, people want them. Even in my workshops in Holland and Italy, people take the time to translate them and often copy things in their notebooks. I always have to remind them to give the cards back to me! – Kate Rose, International Choice to Feel Facilitator and Trager Instructor

Thank you for producing the Creative Wisdom Cards.  I use them often and find them to be profoundly inspired.  Not only do the images speak to a deep and hungry-for-communication part of the soul, but the messages gently bring unconscious thoughts to the attention of the conscious mind.  While this is true of most divination cards, the Creative Wisdom Cards offer a higher vibration of current planetary attunement than most others I have used.  I find the messages of Questions to Explore, The Image Speaks and Suggestions for Growth to be elegant in their simplicity and always in alignment with the guidance I am seeking. As always, you are right in-step with the evolution we are all experiencing.  — Cynthia Whitehouse, Author of The Rainbow Guide to Color Energy

Beautiful, insightful, synchronistic and fun! — Shanta Gabriel, Author of Angel Messages

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