Through ongoing spiritual growth, positive intent, and use of LaHo-Chi and dowsing, Roslyn has become a clear, multi-dimensional channel for Higher Vibrations.

Unlike many who channel a particular guide, angel or spiritual master, unless you make a specific request, Roslyn opens the session to whichever energies are most helpful for you at the time.

You may choose to request a:

Akashic (Soul Records) Reading:  Akashic facilitators and energies channeled to offer you a tangible sense of your sacred journey over lifetimes, along with empowering overviews and information from these experiences.

Chakra Reading: Messages channeled from your chakras for your well-being and self-growth. (Related book by Roslyn: Chakras Alive! Exploring & Expanding Your Inner Rainbow)

Third Mary Guidance Session: The mother of Mary Magdalene, an insightful and powerful spiritual adept in her own right, is channeled, offering her compassionate clarity and wisdom on your current life situation. (Related book by Roslyn: The Third Mary: 55 Messages for Empowering Truth, Peace & Grace from the Mother of Mary Magdalene)

Goddess Reading: The particular Goddess(es) most appropriate to your current intentions, nature and needs may be channeled, who may offer guidance, activations and awarenesses. (Related book by Roslyn: Goddess Heart Rising: Paintings, Poems & Meditations to Activate Your Divine Potential)

Inner Goddess Guidance Sessions are also available in which Roslyn assists you to intuit information and assistance yourself from a Goddess energy supporting you.

Spiritual Team Reading: Your guides, angels and other related Light Beings are channeled to offer their perspectives and advice.

You may also make a special request for a specific being, energy or group, or simply choose to leave your reading open to whatever combination of energies will be most helpful for you overall at the time.

Each channeled session is unique, as each blend of energies and each individual’s situation is unique. Some sessions focus on information, some lead the client on an inner journey, some are a combination of the two. If you are willing and able at the time, powerful breakthroughs can occur.

Sessions can take place in person or by phone or Skype at equal benefit.

Please listen to the following recording on Listening to Channeled Information before sampling other tracks. (Excerpted from interview with host T.J. Ryan on Out There.)

Christ Consciousness – Channeled excerpt from interview with host T.J. Ryan on Out There. This is a beautifully loving, powerful energy. Please enjoy!

Laws of Attraction Energies – A live call is included in this channeled excerpt from an interview with host T.J. Ryan on Out There. Discover how the Laws of Attraction Energies can help you gain greater clarity and confidence in personal prosperity, relationships and more!

How to Prepare for Your Channeling for Self Actualization Session: Come with two to three main topics, an open mind and your intent for the highest possible healing. The Higher energies will facilitate the rest.

Roslyn is so genuine, grounded, positive, peaceful, pleasant.  The energies she channels are just beaming with love, and their message is always so positive and informative. Believe me, I have heard many so-called new aged gurus and most of the time they turn me off, they just don’t appear genuine. I am very picky about who I trust, I trust Roslyn. – T.J. Ryan, host of

Roslyn glistens! Her energy and the energy that comes through her during her channeling is so compassionate and loving, it always lifts me to a higher space, helps me see possibilities where I saw none.  After my Mom died, my reading with Roslyn was pivotal in helping me to begin to move through some of my overwhelming grief. I was so excited, that I gave my Dad and sister gift readings. They experienced the same sense of being held and understood by a loving Universe. I feel a profound gratitude and joy for the gift of this experience in my life, and I look forward to more. Thank you, Roslyn! – Jan H., Creativity Coach & Freelance Writer

“I love working with Roslyn.  Her workshops and channeling sessions leave me feeling connected to Spirit, centered, and more whole.  Whatever comes through is always best for whomever is in the room, and with her help I’ve been able to know and appreciate myself and my abilities to a much greater extent.  I’ve also learned that Spirit has a sense of humor!” – Nicole W.

Roslyn has been a conduit for inner exploration. She has helped me examine my lifetimes: present, past, future, other. Because of her I have developed an ever deepening intimacy and sense of oneness with my soul, guides, angels, higher self. Also treasured are communications with my city’s angels, Lake superior’s angels, my over souls, and “the history team.” But her highest accolade comes from elsewhere, whenever I hear, “Dear one, are you aware of how much you have grown?” – John C.

Roslyn’s Third Mary channeling was full of loving flow, wisdom, and grace. I gained insights that put my heart and mind at ease, knowing that a truly divine essence was speaking through her. Beautiful and magnificent! – Jen H.

Roslyn Elena McGrath’s channeling of the Third Mary was very insightful and helped me to see myself more clearly and stay focused on my real priorities. . . . Roslyn was warm and open, and I highly recommend working with her. I plan to continue with these sessions in the near future. – Suze Moll, Remix Art to Wear

Roslyn’s healing and reading brought me to the core of my being and realigned my with my deepest inner truths. Even years later, her reading continues to inspire me. – L. Morrison, Author & Healer

. . .helped me do some major shifting at a time I really, really needed to. Thank you!  – Kristy L.

To schedule a Channeling for Self Actualization session for yourself or a small group by phone, Skype or in person, contact Roslyn at (906) 228-9097,

Please specify:

            • in-person, phone or Skype appointment
            • length of appointment
            • town & state in which you live
            • potential appointment times & time zone
            • number of individuals participating (5 person max. for distance appointments)

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