Light Activation Bodywork

Previously called Transformational or Evolutionary Bodywork, this system melds polarity therapy with methods taught by a Philippino-Chinese healer and direct spiritual guidance.

With the inclusion of gentle manipulation, light force energy is infused directly into the body, aligning one’s body, mind and spirit with the greater planetary evolution. Cells are sparked into a higher frequency of vibration, allowing full integration of the soul’s presence into the physical world, assisting you to fulfill your greater destiny. Old mental, emotional and physical patterns unblock, bringing greater comfort, ease and self-empowerment, and conscious understanding of life situations increases. A safe cocoon of light is created in which new levels of awareness continue to unfold even after the session is over.

Roslyn Elena McGrath was certified in Light Activation Bodywork by originator Shanta Gabriel, author of Angel Messages, in 2001, and completed several more trainings with her to gain greater mastery.

Sessions are in-person only and last approximately 1 1/4 – 1 1/2 hours. 2 & 3 hour sessions are also available.

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE AWESOME HEALING! I slept so well last night. No tossing my hips all night to relieve the pain & discomfort . . . Now I am even braver to get rid of stuff I was hanging onto. – Carol W.

Both the Light Activation Bodywork and Soul Body Fusion® have opened new windows for my soul to see through and widened doors for my greatest desires to become realized. Thank you for allowing divine balance and love to flow freely through you, for you facilitated the process that allowed the healing, clarity, and creativity within my self to be felt from a new perspective! – Katie C.

To schedule your Light Activation Bodywork session, contact Roslyn at (906) 228-9097,

Please specify:

  • in-person, phone or Skype appointment
  • length of appointment
  • town & state in which you live
  • potential appointment times & time zone

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