Love-Borne LaHo-Chi & Angel Light Healing

Purple wet rose backgroundLove-Borne LaHo-Chi is an ancient mode of energetic healing, a safe and complete healing form that works from the superconscious level (that aspect closest to God Consciousness), setting up a template for healing on all levels.

Experiences of Oneness and Divine Love, release of past traumas, greater access to your psychic gifts, multi-level healing and rapid acceleration of your personal evolution are just a few of the potential benefits available through Love-Borne LaHo-Chi and Angel Light Healing.

Angel Light Healing is a form of energetic healing which calls upon the Angels to assist directly. It may be included in your Love-Borne LaHo-Chi session or on its own.

What is Love-Borne LaHo-Chi? Love-Borne LaHo-Chi is a very high frequency of healing energy which utilizes a gentle laying-on of hands. It’s “Love-Borne” because it is borne of and through unconditional love that is always available to us. The “La” stands for love light and wisdom, “Ho” to the horizontal or Earth plan, and “Chi” to the universal life force energy, i.e. the love, light and wisdom is moving through the horizontal plane to work with your personal energy or chi.

What Benefits Might You Receive from Love-Borne LaHo-Chi?

  • Intensive Personal Healing & Self-Empowerment on All Levels
  • Divine Communion
  • Release of Past Traumas
  • Increased Access to Your Natural Gifts
  • The Experience of Your Own & Others’ Divinity

You will be able to reactivate the Love-Borne LaHo-Chi energy for at least 3 days after your Love-Borne LaHo-Chi session, and possibly much longer!

How Does Love-Borne LaHo-Chi Work? Though of very high frequency, Love-Borne LaHo-Chi is a simple and complete system of safe healing energy that works on the superconscious level (the level considered closest to God) to facilitate profound transformation on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It activates a blueprint for total healing. The Higher Self of the receiver then draws through whatever degree and manner of healing is most perfect for the individual at that time. The resulting energetic changes are permanent.

Love-Borne LaHo-Chi finds my center and dances me back into perfect focus.  Guides and Angels like to come and play in Roslyn’s room, and insight is free-flowing, like a wise and infinite river of awareness channeling through the air. How could I resist returning to that room?  How could anyone? – Cynthia C.

You gotta try Angel Light Healing! It took me to a place where I was in no pain, after being in pain every moment of the day for thirteen years, no matter how much medication I took. Angel Light made me feel so good, better than I’d felt before. I didn’t have a care in the world. I was at peace and my body was too. Even a year later, I can feel its presence. This is one of the most beautiful experiences I’ve ever had. It’s given me a whole new outlook on life. – Stephen O’Dell, Jr.

Click here for more in-depth information on Love-Borne LaHo-Chi and Love-Borne LaHo-Chi + Angel Light Healing Training.

To schedule your Love-Borne LaHo-Chi &/or Angel Light Healing Session, contact (906) 228-9097,

Please specify:

  • in-person, phone or video conference appointment
  • length of appointment
  • town & state in which you live
  • potential appointment times & time zone

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