Archangel Light Healing

Archangel Light Healing brings forth the frequencies of the Archangels to support your radiant well-being on all levels, helping to achieve greater alignment between all the systems and aspects of your body-mind system, repairing  tears and weakened or broken weaves in your auric field, congestion and/or depletion in your energy flows.

More clarity is brought to your Light levels, strength to your underlying grids and portals, access to your constellations of Light, grounding to your electrical nature, and ease of motion to your Primal Pump.

Through such work, you become more aware of your Light over time, more confident. You become stronger and more capable in following through with your purpose. You become more purposeful in your choices, and attract more of what suits your unique nature.

You become more coherent in making your life choices, more at-one with yourself, less disturbed by inner turmoil, more aligned with your Soul’s calling.

1-hour and 1 1/2-hour sessions of this deep, high-vibrational work are now available in person, by phone, and by Skype.

To schedule your Archangel Light Healing Session, contact (906) 228-9097,

Please specify:

  • in-person, phone or Skype appointment
  • length of appointment
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