Would you like to reduce your stress?

Create & handle change with more clarity & confidence?

Nourish & rejuvenate your body, mind & spirit?

More fully share your natural gifts with the world?

Experience • Optimal Relaxation/Wellness • Transformative Support • Increased Actualization of Your Natural Gifts

Empowering Lightworks’ Self-Actualization Sessions are for people of all ages and walks of life who desire:

  • the physical, mental & emotional benefits of deep relaxation & energy field healing
  • to create (or are already going through) major changes – career, relationships, lifestyle, health, with greater ease & confidence
  • to more fully presence and share their unique gifts

Sessions may take place by phone, Skype or in person.

One or more of the following may be included – Energy Healing(t) (LaHo-Chi(t), Reiki, Healing Touch, Light Activation Bodywork. . . ), Soul Body Fusion®(t),  Creative Wisdom Card Reading, Chakra Reading, Akashic Reading, Intuitive Counseling, Channeling, Visionary Arts.

(t) -Training available.For more info., please click here. 

Choosing a particular method for your Self-Actualization Session is not required. You are welcome to simply share what you would like to get out of your session and open to the unfolding of your highest good.

Find out more about customized Self-Actualization Sessions with Roslyn Elena McGrath from the following portion of an interview with host T.J. Ryan. Or enjoy the full interview in the April 2010 archives of Out There.

Roslyn Elena McGrath has been sharing healing arts since 1996 and is certified in LaHo-Chi, Reiki, Healing Touch, Light Activation Bodywork, Soul Body Fusion®, and Health-Happiness-Harmony Dowsing. She received visual arts training at the R.I. School of Design, graduated magna cum laude with a B. A. in Art Education and M.A. in Painting from the State University of New York at New Paltz, and publishes Health & Happiness U.P. Magazine.

To schedule your customized Self-Actualization Session, contact (906) 228-9097,

Please specify:

  • in-person, phone or video conference call appointment
  • length of appointment
  • town & state in which you live
  • preferred appointment time & time zone

A Paypal invoice will be emailed for phone & Skype appointments – $100/1 hour, $145/1.5 hours, $185/2 hours. A local discount is available to U.P. residents.

Gift certificates are also available by contacting (906) 228-9097,

Roslyn’s work has been invaluable in my healing journey. She is adept in a wide variety of modalities, mixing and matching them seamlessly. Her open and accepting style put me at ease with unfamiliar ideas and I have always received exactly what was appropriate for my learning at the time.- Tony K.

I have worked with Roslyn for clarification on some very important questions in my life and have felt empowered by her gentle reassurance. . . It is wonderful to have Roslyn has a resource for all levels of well-being. – Marnie P.

 Each time I work with Roslyn, I know I am in for an expansion of my current consciousness. Regardless of which modality we ignite into action, the session brings forth exactly what is most needed for my highest available evolution at that point. With clear intention and assisting guides, the energy expands to seep into all of my “stuck” areas, no matter how competent I have been at stuffing and storing my debris in all of the complex layers that comprise my humanity.  – Cynthia W.

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