You’re welcome to contact Roslyn for private session scheduling and workshop registration, as well as with questions on how she might best assist you, on upcoming events and/or sponsoring a workshop or training in your area at 

(906) 228-9097,

2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Good afternoon,

    I’m wondering if you have any workshops coming up or, what services might be available on a week night/weekend. I am physically and emotionally drained, and struggling to get through daily life. I need to purge my negative energies, balance my chakras, learn how to separate from other people’s anxieties, basically I need a mentor to help me. I live in Munising, can you suggest some of your classes or what therapies might help me. My main priority is that I’m exhausted, and it seems to drain me the most when at work or when I feel someone’s panic/anxiety/depression.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you,
    Amy Crisp

    • Sorry to hear of your difficulties! I would happy to work with you, Amy. I recommend a private energetic healing session as the best place to start, as it’s deeply relaxing and will help with re-balancing. Oftentimes insights and/or suggestions come through during the session so that you have something you can do and/or a new perspective on things to help yourself with the situation.

      Given your current energy level, I think a weekend appointment would be best for you. You can contact me at or (906) 228-9097 to set up a time, as well as discuss any additional questions you might have.

      All the very best to you,

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