What Happens at Empowering Lightworks?

RM, 12-13I hold a space of non-judgment, clarity, respect and compassion for each person I work with, guiding and supporting to go as deep as your being will allow at the time to bring through renewal, clearing, expansion, spiritual connection, and a more vibrant, self-empowered way of living.

I help you recognize and honor your unique gifts and potentials, spiritual roots and support system; to become clearer and more confident in your decision-making, more courageous in following through on your inner knowing, and more trusting that your evolution is unfolding.

While the customized mix of modes I utilize to address your unique needs and nature are vibrationally, emotionally, and mentally based, they may also bring clarity, support, and at times, direct shifts to help heal physically noticeable issues also, since all are intertwined.

Every modality I use, I have learned & developed over the past 20+ years for my own self-healing and empowerment as well, as I also continue to learn and grow.

My deepest knowing is that we each carry unique strengths and abilities crucial to the evolution of the whole – as a fortune cookie message I received put it (I kid you not!) “We all have extraordinary encoded within us, waiting to be released.”

As we awaken to this and to the incredible beauty of our true natures, our whole selves, we bring the experience of Heaven more fully to Earth.

In 1998, I was awakened to a message and vision that I will live to see all of my Highest hopes and dreams come true in this lifetime. And so, each day I endeavor to clarify and take action on however I can best move toward this fruition. Each shift I can support in another fills me with joy! I am so grateful to be living on this beautiful planet at such an exciting time!

If you’d like to learn more about how I can support you in co-creating a more fulfilling, empowered life, ascended living in the real world, I invite you to explore this website and to contact me with any questions you may have.

You can also follow this site or join me on Facebook @EmpoweringLightworks to stay current on new developments and events I may offer.

Namaste & many blessings to you,

Roslyn Elena McGrath