rm-in-arizona-11.jpgUnknowingly absorbing our society’s focus on logic over intuition, being “realistic” (read “limited thinking and beliefs”) over having vision, attending to others’ opinions and feelings over one’s own inner compass, and to physical reality over the emotional and spiritual, eventually led to my getting and staying sick long enough to feel impelled to find new ways of regaining my health.

I had to learn to honor my feelings, let go of ideas, energies, and perspectives that blocked my joy, reconnect with my spirit, and follow my inner compass.

I’ve since created a life that reflects my deepest values more and more clearly. I’ve discovered and implemented talents and skills I hadn’t known I had, and honored and expanded my use of those I’d already been aware of in ways that allow me to deeply support others. My life is now far more empowered, purpose-filled, and me than anything I could have imagined before my health challenge.

My deepest knowing is that we each carry unique strengths and abilities crucial to the evolution of the whole. As a fortune cookie message I once received put it (I kid you not!), “We all have extraordinary encoded within us, waiting to be released.” As we awaken to this and to the incredible beauty of our true natures, our whole selves, we bring the experience of Heaven more fully to Earth.

In 1998, I received a vivid message that I will live to see all of my Highest hopes and dreams come true in this lifetime. I do my best to support this each day by helping to bridge what is with the wonders of what can be. And it’s my great honor and joy to assist you in connecting with the extraordinary unique to you, and living more of the magnificence of your true spirit.

Regardless of how faraway or close your hopes may seem, or how difficult or minor your challenges appear, I am confident you can discover how to live more of your true spirit’s magnificence, and help uplift your world.

Click here to find out more about how we can facilitate this together.

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