rm-in-arizona-11.jpgAs with most in our society, I grew up in a setting that valued logic over intuition, being “realistic,” (code word for limited thinking and beliefs), over having vision, attention to others’ opinions and feelings over one’s own inner compass, and physical reality over the emotional and spiritual – in short, a powerful catalyst for rediscovering my true self and an expanded sense of possibilities for my life.

This culminated in my getting and staying sick long enough to seek out new ways of regaining my health, ways that required me to honor my feelings, let go of those ideas and perspectives that blocked my joy, reconnect with my inner self, and follow my inner compass. These guideposts are just as valuable for me today and what I am honored to be able to assist you to find for yourself and build upon.

Inspired by that time, I’ve created a life that continues to reflect my deepest values more and more clearly. I’ve discovered and implemented talents and skills I hadn’t known existed in me, and honored and expanded my use of those I’d already been aware of. I now paint, write, publish, facilitate healing and intuitive arts workshops, events and private appointments, and continually evolve and refine the shaping of my life.

I am shining my light, expanding soul’s presence and gifts in my everyday life, and doing my best to help others like you do so in your own way. I wholeheartedly believe the answers to all our world’s challenges will come forth from more and more of us knowing and living the magnificence of our true selves.

I create more joy, fun, love and balance in my life now than I could ever have pictured “back when.” Regardless of how difficult or minor your challenges seem to you now, I know this is possible for you too.

Are you willing to explore new ways
of approaching old challenges?

Do you want a more expansive, confident, inspiring experience of your daily life?

Would you like an experienced,
caring guide to assist you?

If so, I invite you to collaborate with me. Bring your willingness, intention and commitment, and combined with my wide-ranging, deep skills & knowledge, ability to fine-tune to individual needs, creativity, intuition, openness, practicality and compassion, we can open the doors to powerful new possibilities for you.

It’s my joy to assist you in assisting yourself! Feel free to contact me by phone (906-228-9097) or email (info@EmpoweringLightworks.com), to discuss possibilities for working together and any questions you may have.

Roslyn Elena McGrath is the author of:

She is also a professional artist, teacher, healer, certified dowser, and channel.

Roslyn has been sharing healing arts since 1996 and is certified in many modalities, including Reiki, Healing Touch LaHo-Chi, Light Activation Bodywork, Soul Body Fusion®, and Health-Happiness-Harmony Dowsing. She received visual arts training at the R.I. School of Design, graduated magna cum laude with a B. A. in Art Education and M.A. in Painting from the State University of New York at New Paltz, and publishes Health & Happiness U.P. Magazine.

Hers is a gentle, loving, clear and practical presence, grounded in the awareness that we are all part of a massive evolutionary shift, each with our unique and invaluable role to play, strengths and challenges. She relies on her clear spiritual connection and deep respect for others to guide the Highest Good and Wisdom for each life encounter, and revels in the opportunity to help bring as much joy, ease, play, and compassion as possible into each person’s evolutionary process.

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