Good-Bye Density, Hello EXPANSION!

Solstice Activation, metaphysical teachings, energy healing in MI's Upper Peninsula

Have you had enough of the remaining density and conflicts in your inner and outer world?

Would you like to deeply ground and expand into your higher nature, and support our shift into a more heavenly experience of Earth?

If your answer is a resounding yes, and you missed Saturday’s Solstice Acceleration 2020, I have wonderful news for you! You can purchase a video of the entire activational process, complete with recommendations for future use again and again!

In my 20+ years of channeling energies to support our highest good, in my opinion, this is the most powerful of them yet! So I am thrilled to let you know that up until midnight on Tues., 6/23/20, you can purchase the Solstice Acceleration 2020 Video to connect with the magically expansive and integrative energies and processes of this event at

A most marvelous Solstice season to you!
Roslyn Elena McGrath

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