Acting Upon Your Wisdom in Challenging Times

inner guidance workshop, inner guidance support

I know these are wild times we’re in right now. And so much uncertainty is in the air. We are each doing our best to make our way through it, but it’s not always clear what to do. I would bet that you really want to move forward with your hopes and dreams, your relationships and purpose, your health and wholeness, with confidence that your needs will be met and that you will accomplish your goals.

From the ground level, it’s just not always clear what all is at play, what the larger, more whole-istic perspective is, and what steps would be best to take next, especially with all the rapid changes happening in the world right now.

Maybe you keep having that feeling, whether niggling at the edges of your awareness or keeping you up at night, that you need to do something about this part of your life, that you’re losing ground by not moving forward, perhaps even feeling hopeless. But you really don’t know where to begin.

Or maybe you have some ideas, but you’re uncertain how helpful they’ll be, or if you can really carry them out successfully. And you really wish you knew what to do.

inner guidance workshop, inner wisdom support Marquette MI, inner guidance support in MI's Upper Peninsula

You can consult with as many people or resources as you want, and you may get some helpful guidance, but still, they’re not in your shoes; they have their own ways of perceiving and doing things, and do they really get the full story?

Yet each of us has the power within us to gain the clarity and confidence we seek to take positive action. And we so need the benefit of each person’s wisdom right now.

So I am offering a special online class on Activating YOUR Creative Wisdom. It provides a process that anyone can use to deeply mine the wisdom within your body, mind, spirit, and emotions to reveal the insights you need to create a flexible, guided course of action in these shifting-sands times.

I have worked with hundreds of people at many different levels of awareness to help facilitate their whole-istic self-empowerment since 1996, and bring my experience, passion, and sensitivity to varied needs to help you get the most out of this workshop.

Join me for this LIVE Online Masterclass designed for all levels, beginner to expert, on Wed., June 10th at 6:30 pm. Creative Wisdom Cards, workbook and video replay are included. Register here through 6/3/20.

*Register by midnight TODAY, 6/1/20 to be part of a FREE LIVE Q&A Follow-Up Session!

And if you already own Creative Wisdom Cards, please contact me for an alternate link.

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