Triumph Over Chaos – New FREE Uplifting Online Community

Has the truth ever been this much stranger than fiction? And yet, do you have a growing sense that something powerfully wonderful is going to come out of these times, that something amazing may be just around the corner, or at least you hope so?  

Yet so much is unknown. Do you feel like biting your nails with worry sometimes wondering “What’s next? Will things get more toxic before they’re better, and if so, how much so?”

Do you wish you had a better handle on what’s happening, how to cope and thrive in uncertain times?

Do you want to move full steam ahead into the New Earth experience, and more fully and effectively into your unique part in its co-creation?

Our shift into a more Heavenly experience of Earth has been my guiding light for the last twenty-two years, the motivation behind my inner and outer work, and the inspiration for my new Facebook community –  4 Ascended Living in the New Earth.

I am soooo excited to share this FREE online community with you! I’ll be going LIVE every Wednesday at 10:30 am Eastern time, starting TODAY, sharing free gifts, uplifting posts, empowering tips, and my newest offerings to support your balance and expansion into our new times!

Hop on over to and join TODAY so you won’t miss out on a thing!

Hope to see you on my first-ever LIVE at 10:30 a.m., 5/20/20!

Namaste, love & many blessings to you,

Roslyn Elena McGrath

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