Message of Hope-Prophecy by the Third Mary

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…I was allowed to peer at the Peace of a Million Years of Dreaming, and I want you to know it is very real. All that was foretold to me at that time has come to pass, and this is happening too.

Right now, the energies are up-leveling to new heights. I know the externals appear daunting, but that will change very quickly, and you will truly begin experiencing this life as Heaven on Earth, and ALL will be uplifted. I cannot tell you particulars of their tales, but I can tell you this—when you look inside your heart, you know this Truth has always been within you. Its seeds were planted long before your this-life birthing. It’s what connects you to Eternity. It’s your way of Being, your way of accomplishing your Earthly goals in life, and this is good.

I have come to tell you you will experience ALL of your Highest Hopes and Dreams coming true in this Human LIFETIME, and everything you truly desire is HERE NOW, waiting upon the Divine Order of sequencing experience to be fully and deliciously unfolded.

Excerpted with permission from The Third Mary: 55 Messages for Empowering Truth Peace & Grace from the Mother of Mary Magdalene. Copyright 2014, Roslyn McGrath. All rights reserved.

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