Meeting Your Life Challenges with Wisdoms from the Marys


It’s not every day you get to be inspired by co-creating with someone whose spiritual resonance is similar to your own, and is also a wonderfully clear channel. 

I had this opportunity just a couple of weeks ago with dear friend, soul coach, healer & channel Joy Regina Melchezidek when we took turns channeling Messages from the Marys & More.

What resulted was a divinely orchestrated blend of perspectives, energies, advice, and illuminating how-tos from Mary Magdalene and her biological and spiritual mothers – Mary of Niza and Mother Mary, along with Gaia and Selene beyond any we could have attempted to organize.

Leading edge processes were given for implementing love, discernment, presence, and compassion to make effective, highest-good decisions, balance masculine-feminine energies and relationships, care for our children, and keep pace with our rapidly evolving New Earth.

If you would like the recording, please click here. 

I look forward to sharing new co-channeling opportunities with you in the future! 

Namaste & many blessings,

Roslyn Elena McGrath

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