Patron Card for “Goddess Heart Dancing” Launch


How perfect that I drew Gaia as the card for Goddess Heart Dancing’s launch!

Here’s “Gaia’s Message”

I am the ground you walk upon
that gives you a place to be.
I am the mound you halt upon
that gives you a place to see.
All that you have and all that you do
arise from the beneficence of me.
I feed you and clothe you.
I nourish you and hold you.
Your bones are from my opulence.
I’m your trust and your best defense.
I’m your mother and your sustenance.
My lakes wash and water you,
my air breathes you into being.
My gardens feed you,
and my flames watch over you.
I am always with you and little noticed.
I am always gleeful and happy to go to
any extreme to balance your perspective.
Your thoughts and feelings become my directive,
and the course that I teach–it ain’t no elective!
So come to me now with your thoughts and your feelings.
Give them over to me and set your life reeling
into natural electricity,                                                                                                                  spontaneous complicity,
with all the eccentricity
of my post-war school.

*Excerpt from Goddess Heart Dancing: A Self-Guided Pathway to Light through Imagery, Insights & Inspiration. Copyright Roslyn McGrath, 2018. All rights reserved.

In celebration of Goddess Heart Dancing’s launch, you can purchase a Goddess Heart Dancing Card Set online between 1 pm and 9 pm Eastern time today to be entered in a drawing to WIN a FREE 45-minute Goddess Reading with me (by phone, video conference call or in person). 

For more Goddess Heart Dancing Card Set info. and purchasing, please click here. 

During the 1 pm – 9 pm Launch time today, you can also purchase the Goddess Heart Dancing Book at Special Pricing & NO TAX!

For more  info. and Goddess Heart Dancing book purchasing, please click here.

You’ll receive an additional entry for each additional Goddess Heart Dancing product purchased between 1 pm and 9 pm Eastern time today.  

*For those able to pick up their purchases in person at Algomah Acres’ Spirituality & Wellness Fair on April 28, 2018, or Panara Imports’ Beltane Celebration on May 6, 2018, you’ll also save with NO SHIPPING Charge.  (Please click here for more event info.)

May you feel the beauty of your own relationship with Gaia, and may your heart dance with the Goddess today and every day!

Roslyn Elena McGrath



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