Why “A Self-Guided Pathway”?

Althea the Messenger

Althea the Messenger Copyright Roslyn McGrath. All rights reserved.

Rather than being prescriptive, Goddess Heart Dancing: A Self-Guided Pathway to Light through Imagery, Insights & Inspiration helps you discover your own prescriptions for benefiting from what the archetypal energies here present, utilizing the arts to draw upon your inner self’s wisdom. It offers a receptive, connective approach to bringing varied aspects of your self to light and acceptance, honoring and integrating them. This literally lightens your energy field, making it less dense, less prone to “stuck” places. (1)

Why is the book set up this way? We are unique individuals, so though there may be commonalities, one person’s journey will never be identical to another’s. We can learn from one another, but never clone an experience. 

Our greatest wisdom lies within us, and the greatest assistance is way-showing, examples, and catalysts for connecting more deeply with our authentically divine  nature. Goddess Heart Dancing works on multiple levels to support you in connecting with the sacred gifts available to you through the Feminine Principle.

I invite you to join me for my online launch on April 16th, in which you’ll have a chance to win a FREE Goddess Reading by phone, video conference call or in person with me. Please click here for more info.

Namaste & many blessings,

Roslyn Elena McGrath

(1) Image & excerpt from Goddess Heart Dancing, copyright 2018, Roslyn McGrath. All rights reserved.

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