Goddess Heart Dancing & the Language of Soul

“The arts speak the language of the soul. I believe soul’s presence and that of the feminine aspect of Divinity are needed in our world now more than ever.


Lakwanna (She Who Dreams Reality Into Being)

When I began painting Goddesses in 2002, I had no idea I would eventually paint at least thirty-five and compile them into two volumes of a series, along with poems, meditations, and journaling questions. I was simply following along as I felt guided by a sense of each Goddess’s energy asking to be conveyed in a particular way, leading me to transform old kitchen cabinet and bi-fold closet doors, as well as some canvases. Each painting has taught me much about that Goddess’s energy, through not only its final depiction, but also the process of its creation and the related writings that later developed.

I believe these archetypal energies show us not only the Divine resources available to us, but also the Divine resources available within ourselves and through truly connecting with our Earthly gifts of fire, air, earth and water, regardless of gender. During my workshops and private sessions, I have witnessed the profound impact these images and writings can have upon others, functioning as doorways into the vibrational field and gifts of each archetype. It is my hope that you will benefit from them also.” (1)

Synchronistically, as I was completing the proof version, I was invited to join the Marquette Poets Circle Interactive Art Exhibit at the Peter White Public Library, April 9 – 28, which focuses on poetry written in response to art.

Author and participant Janeen Rastall very generously put together a website so you can scan a QR code alongside the original art and hear the author his or her work. Click here to see an image of Grandmother of the 13 Moons and hear me read the meditation that goes with it. 

If you’re in the Marquette, MI area, I highly recommend you visit this fascinating exhibit with everything from a giant Big Foot sculpture to an Asian scroll, along with some excellent poetry!

And I hope you’ll also join me for my online launch on April 16th, in which you’ll have a chance to win a FREE Goddess Reading by phone, video conference call or in person with me. Please click here for more info.

Many blessings to you,

Roslyn Elena McGrath

(1) Image & excerpt from Goddess Heart Dancing, copyright 2018, Roslyn McGrath. All rights reserved.

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