Equinox, Goddesses, and Fair – Oh My!

A very happy Equinox to everyone!

How will you honor one of our two days of the year of equal day and equal night?

Balance can appear so elusive at times, such a moving target! Yet our larger self continues in this direction, even though its path may often seem winding and mysterious to many of us. Sometimes we’re guided to burst forth, and at others to hold energy in reserve. 

I’ve been at work completing the 2nd book and card deck in my Goddess Wisdom series, and am excited to announce the first Goddess Heart Dancing decks will be available for sale at the 20th Annual Spring Holistic Health Fair here in Marquette, MI this Sat., March 24th! (Please click on the link above for more fair info.)

I’ll also have a sneak preview of the Goddess Heart Dancing book, and will be offering mini sessions of Archangel Light Healing, Chakra Balancings & Readings, and other Body-Mind-Soul Readings.

I look forward to sharing more of the deck and book with you soon! In the meantime, I’m happy to introduce Guardian of Spring and her message, which are part of Goddess Heart Dancing, on this beautiful Equinox day.

Namaste & many blessings to you,

Roslyn Elena McGrath

Guardian of Spring

Guardian of Spring’s Message

I will hold the line.

I will keep the burst within.

I will trust the time to align with this function

of the turning Earth moving ‘round the sun.

I will trust the movement that brings our fruitions

into early blossom springing

with lusciousness come forth

into latent fruits and berries

as the seasons take their course.

I come to hold your hands

to take their fruiting time,

to line up with the sun-filled course,

so effortless and sublime.

Excerpt from Goddess Heart Dancing, Copyright 2018, Roslyn McGrath.

FREE Chakra Activation from the Archangels – Sign-up by 3/8/18

heart-fractal-1822039_1920As part of a local Spreading Goodness Day initiative on Fri., March 9, 2018, I will be sharing a FREE Chakra Activation from the Archangels by private link as part of Spreading Goodness Day.

Sign-up is required by March 8, 2018. Simply write “Archangel Chakra Activation”  in the subject heading of your email to info@empoweringlightworks.com by this date and you will be emailed the link by the morning of March 9th.

Friends and loved ones may also join in by putting “Add Me to Email & Chakra Activation Lists” in the subject heading. They will then receive future newsletters as well as access to the approximately 15-minute video.

Namaste & many blessings,

Roslyn Elena McGrath