Spring Events!

Tulips‘Tis the season! I’m so looking forward to the events listed below. 

Hope to see you if you can make it! Or feel free to schedule your own private session by phone, Skype or in person.

Peace, love & joy,


Sat., April 29: FREE 9-Chakra Meditation + Archangel Light Healing & Messages, Chakra Reading & Balancing, Intuitive Counseling, Books & Meditation CDsand more at the 1st Annual Algomah Acres Wellness & Spirituality Fair in Greenland, MI. 10 am – 5 pm. For more fair info., go to https://www.facebook.com/events/361145240907860/.

Sun., May 7: Archangel Light Healing & Messages, Chakra Reading & Balancing, Books & Meditation CDs at the 2nd Annual Beltaine Celebration at Panara Imports, 125 W. Washington St., downtown Marquette, MI, noon – 4 pm. Contact (906) 226-4604  for more info. and scheduling, or go to https://www.facebook.com/events/279997835781981/. 

Sun., May 21: Deeksha (Oneness Blessing) by Donation for Joshua Alan Brown. Join energy field healer and spiritual guide Roslyn Elena McGrath for this very high-vibrational group energy experience with roots in India. We will enter, remain, and leave in silence in order to more fully absorb the transmission. $15 – $40 or more suggested donation. All profits will help support Joshua’s upcoming participation in Project Walk, which you can learn more at http://www.gofundme.com/walktheearth and the Walk the Earth Facebook page.  1 pm – 2 pm at Joy Center 1492 Southwood Drive, Ishpeming, MI.

Sat., June 10: Book Release Celebration for Post-Resurrection: The Family of Mary Magdalene. This profound follow-up to “The Third Mary” shares the lives and missions of Mary Magdalene, three of her children, her sister Martha, Judas Iscariot, and Jesus of Nazareth, after the Resurrection and beyond, along with powerful support for our evolution, as received by author and intuitive Roslyn Elena McGrath.

All are welcome to come enjoy passages from the book, Roslyn’s original painting of the Holy Family, additional books and products, and refreshments inspired by the new book! 1 pm – 3 pm at Joy Center 1492 Southwood Drive, Ishpeming, MI. Free admission.

Click here to contact Roslyn for more info. and/or private session scheduling.

Message from Jesus of Nazareth

In honor of Good Friday, I’ve posted an excerpt of one of my favorite messages from Jesus of Nazareth from my new book, Post-Resurrection: The Family of Mary Magdalene, which will be released in May, 2017.

As minimally corporeal as I had become after the Resurrection, I still required certain human needs to be fulfilled from time to time, and I came as a servant in many guises while I yet walked the Earth Plane. I continued to seed hearts and minds, as well as plant powerful energies into supportive locations on the Earth. I know my Magdalene continued to so the same, though more with her own children than with others on this fast go-round. For she has continued this work unabated from Beyond the Veil and we continue to collaborate as well. I am very grateful for her constancy and her powerful outlet for God’s Love. Her Truth-Ray helps light the way for many. I am witness to her profound contributions upon the Earth plane, and also in the spiritual realm, for many here are learning from her of how to navigate the human experience and perception level.

I am profoundly grateful also for her skill as a physical healer and her ability to close the levels as I transitioned totally from what corporeality remained of my physical form back to Pure Light, and to support all levels of this transition process. There is none other quite so capable of this as she, and no other who can hold the particular place in my heart that she does.

You are all capable of experiencing this profound level of Divine Human Love on a daily basis, simply by opening to it and allowing. I cannot beseech you enough to try this out, experience for yourself, and make it a daily practice. This must occur for you to experience the True Reality of Your World and to help bring forth the tsunami of Love required to know the Peace and the Joy of the Million Years Dreaming.

Be bold! Be radical! Do it! I am here, with you, now and forever, supporting you through any faltering steps, holding your elbow, and also your heart, if you would so allow me this honor and privilege. I love you without limit, without condition, without the least form of justification required, no matter what, and this cannot be changed nor diminished in any capacity. And this is what each one of you is capable of doing also. And so I remind you – go forth and prosper Love. For Love is what you are. And only Love is Real.

Thank you for being your true expression of our Source upon the Earth Plane.


I am Jesus of Nazareth, Lover of All in the All-Is-One-Is-All-Is-Love –Is-Real, Now and Forever!

Copyright 2017, Roslyn McGrath