Breathing with the Archangels

Within A Star, 8 x 10

Today is a holy day.

Honor it as such.

Today you re-claim the virtue that was always yours – LOVE – the inheritance that is your Divine right and wisdom – LOVE – the attribute that makes you you – LOVE – in a way unique from all others – YOUR LOVE.

Embrace your love with gentleness, good cheer and fully – breathing your love deep down through your pores into the cellular and Quantum levels, re-minding them of their True state of Being in LOVE

and release your breath of LOVE into the moonlight and the starlight, into the vastness of Heaven and the waters of Earth, trickling into all fluids, all air, all Light and penetrating the Earth with its vibration.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Breathe your LOVE back and forth into and throughout all cellular matter and beyond, and know that you ARE YOUR LOVE, and YOUR LOVE IS YOU.

Repeat 8 times and more, morning, noon and night, and you shall be en-LIGHT-ened of yoangel-wing-printur burdens, and enjoying your life more easily.

We are with you and within you, for we are LOVE INCARNATE also.

From the Archangels of LOVE, LIGHT & WISDOM, including Raphael, Ephriel, and Metatron

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