The Light of Our Soul-stice

Proxima_smallIn this Solstice time of increased light, I’m reminded of how we are made from light, literally made of the contents of exploded stars. This means the ingredients for light are within us. 

Can you feel the constellations and solar systems within your being? Can you feel the patterns of light that life has brought you? Do you recognize your inner spark?

What releases your light? What makes you shine and sing?

Year after year, I’ve asked myself what’s worth doing; what will most fully express my light?

In 1996, I was drawn to learn LaHo-Chi energetic healing, and in early 1997, to take this training again.

The “la” stands for love, light and wisdom; the “ho” for the horizontal or Earth plane; and the “chi” for life force energy, meaning the light, love and wisdom are coming onto the Earth plane and working with your chi.  

This very high vibrational energy helps you to shine your unique light more purely, bringing forth intrinsic gifts that may be lying dormant and increasing your ability to utilize them, dissolving old traumas and blocks on the physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual levels so that you can presence more of your whole and healthy self here.

The LaHo-Chi comes in through the superconscious level and from there to all the other levels. A sense of Divine Love and wholeness are often experienced with it.

In late 1999, I was guided to begin training others in this modality. And on October 17th & 18th, I will offer the LaHo-Chi workshop for approximately the 12th time, including Angel Light Healing as well. 

Each training brings a new level of love, light and wisdom into our atmosphere, and a more integrated, soul-filled group of people to our world, ready to share LaHo-Chi and Angel Light with others.

It’s a great joy and an honor to be able to share this work. Please click here if you’d like to find out more about LaHo-Chi training.

And to all, may you breathe in the light of this beautiful Solstice season, and breathe out the light of your beautiful soul

Namaste & many blessings,

Roslyn Elena McGrath

Body Wisdom & Your Chakras

Heart Chakra, croppedHad a wonderful time sharing “Chakra Power” last night at Panara Imports! And I am so looking forward to putting the awareness I’ve gained in writing Chakras Alive! into motion and sharing it at my next workshop Body Wisdom & Your Chakras!

Mindful, relaxing movement, healing sounds & fragrances, original, activational art, poetry and meditation from Chakras Alive! and all of our intentions will work together, balancing and rejuvenating us through our bodies and energy fields’ natural wisdom.

Each chakra workshop and session brings me more attunement to these vital energy vortices and their impact, as I witness the power of the shifts in myself and others. 

And it’s fun!

Do click here if you’d like to find out more about it.

Wishing you a glorious weekend of reveling in your own inner rainbow!

Roslyn Elena McGrath