In Celebration Of Your Nature!

The Fourth may be over, but there’s still more to celebrate!

Perhaps you’re not satisfied with everything in your life, (Or maybe you are! Woo-hoo, let’s celebrate that!), but as the planet and we continue to evolve, we are able to access to more and more of our potential for living vibrant, healthy, incredible lives and experiencing the heavenly, healthy, nature that is the foundation of our Earth.

I know my own ability to act as a conduit for aspects of the Spirit of Nature in channeling, readings, art and meditations has grown exponentially in this time, and I invite you to benefit from this in order to express your gifts more fully.

Would you like to:

  • Take your next leading edge step toward increasing your current level of fulfillment?
  • Create more balance, harmony and self-empowerment in your life?
  • Activate your natural gifts more fully?
  • Develop a greater sense of your place in the bigger scheme, and how nature may assist you with this?

This Friday July 12th & Saturday, July 13th, I’ll be offering Goddess Readings, Posters & Meditations, as well as Mini Soul Gift Sketches, to assist you with this as part of Celebration Planet at Picnic Rocks in Marquette, MI. I’ll be sharing a booth with Natural Health Consultant for Pets & Their People, Jenny Magli. It’ll be a great time, with a festival atmosphere and more holistic health, recreation, exercise and green living vendors, along with terrific music and food!

So bring friends, family, and come check it all out, 6 pm – 9 pm on Friday, 10 am – 5 pm on Saturday. Please come say hello and check out my Festival Only Specials!

You can also take in some of my recent forays into the Spirit of Nature on Channeling the Deep at  Find out what the dolphins, whales and mermaids, (yes, mermaids!), wanted to say through me to you, with the assistance of wonder-host T.J. Ryan!

And feel free to contact me for information on reserving yourself one or more private, in-depth sessions for greater self-actualization at, (906) 228-9097.

In appreciation of  your glow,

Roslyn Elena McGrath

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