Talking with the Animals

Did you ever want to know more about the relationship between our species and other animals?

Have you had any unusual experiences with creatures in the wild?

Or just wondered what all this business about “power animals” really means?

TJ Ryan, host of the podcast “Out There” called upon my channeling abilities to learn more about these kinds of questions and experiences. He’s such a warm, down-to-earth, and fun guy – I think you’ll really enjoy our conversation together, including my mew experiences of channeling the overall consciousness of deer, bear and butterfly. You can listen in at

As I mention in the interview, typically I channel whatever will be most helpful to someone for improving a chosen area of their life, but I certainly have found it expansive learning more about the universe through TJ’s request and questions! So if you, or you and a group of friends have a topic or being you’d like to better understand, you’re welcome to contact me at for information on scheduling a private in-person, phone or Skype channeling session.

And if you prefer your own inner, creative exploration, click here for info. on my Creative Wisdom Extravaganza coming Saturday, Nov. 3rd .

Many blessings,

Roslyn Elena McGrath

Hot Off the Presses – Creative Wisdom Options

Enjoy listening to “Self-Nurturance,” Track 1 from Creative Wisdom Meditations

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