Formerly known as Intuitive Learning Creations, the name of Roslyn Elena McGrath’s practice has been updated to Empowering Lightworks to better reflect what you will receive – 

Energy, Insights & Inspiration to Shine Your Light through Body, Mind & Soul Readings, Energy Field Healing, Inspirational Books, Visionary Art, Meditation CDs, and Workshops, helping you to:

  • Deeply Relax
  • Accelerate Your Healing & Expansion
    RM, 12-13
  • Turn Challenges Into Improvements
  • Feel Like Yourself Again 
  • Live Your Purpose

We (as in the world) need YOU – your true, whole, empowered self, shining YOUR Light, for Earth to become the place it’s meant to be!

NEW: Introductory and Upper Octave Courses now available for your group or area! Click on the links above and  contact Roslyn for more information.

Check recent posts at right margin, view Calendar, enjoy Free Resources,  and contact Roslyn, to discover more about how you can more fully live your empowerment and shine your light.  

Roslyn is the person I always turn to when I want some personal spiritual guidance. She continues to add exciting new sessions and tools to help with heart opening and spiritual growth. I trust her implicitly! – Lucy LaFaive, Joy of Living Workshop Leader

Roslyn’s healing and reading brought me to the core of my being and realigned my with my deepest inner truths. Even years later, her reading continues to inspire me.Leslee M., Author & Healer

Something really big and major shifted. . .I just feel so much lighter and joyful! Thank you for sharing your gift. – Diane R.

Whether we connect in person or by phone, Roslyn’s abilities as an intuitive counselor have facilitated significant growth and change in my life. It is a joy to work with her! – Jen H.

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE AWESOME HEALING! I slept so well last night. No tossing my hips all night to relieve the pain & discomfort . . . Now I am even braver to get rid of stuff I was hanging onto. – Carol W.

Each time I work with Roslyn, I know I am in for an expansion of my current consciousness. – Cynthia W., Author & Mom

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