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* Are you a budding or veteran healer, intuitive, creative, or Lightworker with a bigger dream (or hoping to find one) for your life or for life on Earth than you’re experiencing now?

* Is your spiritual path essential to you, yet you find it difficult at times to hold your center and high vibration strong in the face of your partner’s, friends’, family members’ or co-workers’ negativity, all the chaos on the planet, or your daily grind?

* Do you yearn to make a powerfully positive impact in the world but are unsure of how to plug in your gifts and purpose more fully, or perhaps even of what you’re truly designed to do, despite all the wonderful workshops, classes, books, projects, or meditations you may have done?

* Does a niggling voice of doubt or self-judgment, or even old habits, hold you back at times, so that you swallow your feelings rather than sharing them with family, friends, partner, co-workers, or don’t always do, discuss, or direct funds to what matters to you most?

Are you blocked by time, money, other people’s (or your own) expectations, values, or fears to the point where it seems you can’t have the balance you crave, fully live your dreams, or really be you?

* Does fear of screwing up or being ostracized stop you from expressing your amazing essence & gifts full-out?

personal growth and healing, lightworker, spiritual guidance Marquette MI
“Woman of Light,” from Creative Wisdom Cards. Copyright Roslyn McGrath

Do you yearn to:

♥ Develop your authentic dream for your life?

♥ Stay centered, and keep your vibration up despite others’ negativity, planetary challenges, and your daily grind?

♥ Share more of your innate gifts and purpose, and take steps to continue growing them?

♥ Dispel doubt, self-judgment, old habits, and fears, so that you find your own real voice, and start expressing yourself more fully at home, work, with family, friends, associates, loved ones?

♥ Clear internal and external blocks that have held you back from living as the real you?

♥ Wake up with enthusiasm for what you’ll create in your day and over time, maybe even forging a new path you never could have dreamt of before?

U.P. channel, spiritual reader in Marquette MI, energy field healer, U.P. holistic practitioner, Marquette Mi intuitive counselor

Then you’ve come to the right place.

It’s my honor, calling, and passion to help you empower yourself to live your true spirit. And I’m so grateful you’ve arrived!

We (as in the world) need YOU – your true, whole, empowered self, shining YOUR Light, for Earth to become the place it’s meant to be.

Join FREE Program 4 Living Your True Spirit TODAY!


Working with Roslyn is being inside a blessing. Her numerous healing gifts are offered in pure heartfelt delight, the essence of her joyful being transmitting love, possibilities, comfort, wisdom and guidance. I am awed by her ability to move so gracefully through different levels of consciousness with such extraordinary clarity and precision. I am uplifted, inspired and eternally grateful that she is in my life. Give yourself the precious gift of working with her and your life will be filled with Grace. She is a true Healer, an Artist of the Spirit, Painting the Soul. – Kate Rose, Holistic Empath

Something really big and major shifted. . .I just feel so much lighter and joyful! Thank you for sharing your gift. – Diane R.

Roslyn is the person I always turn to… She continues to add exciting new tools to help with spiritual growth and personal expression. I trust her implicitly! – Lucy LaFaive, Joyful Living

Roslyn’s helped bring me to the core of my being and realign me with my deepest inner truths. Leslee M., Author & Healer

Each time I work with Roslyn, I know I am in for an expansion of my current consciousness. – Cynthia W., Author & Mom

Roslyn has helped facilitate significant growth and change in my life. It is a joy to work with her! – Jen H., Ceremonialist, Counselor, Healer, Astrologer, Musician

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