Formerly known as Intuitive Learning Creations, the name of Roslyn Elena McGrath’s practice has been updated to Empowering Lightworks to better reflect what you will receive –

Energy, Insights & Inspiration to Shine Your Light through Self-Actualization Sessions, WorkshopsBooks, Guided Meditation CDs & Visionary Art, helping you to:

  • Deeply RelaxRM, 12-13
  • Turn Challenges Into Improvements
  • Live Your Purpose

We (as in the world) need YOU – your true, whole, empowered self, shining YOUR Light, for Earth to become the place it’s meant to be!

Enjoy the FREE Resources below;

Check Recent Posts (see right margin) and Calendar;

and contact Roslyn at (906) 228-9097, info@empoweringlightworks.com

to find out more about how you can begin to more fully Live Your Empowerment and Shine Your Light!  

FREE Resources:

Roslyn’s healing and reading brought me to the core of my being and realigned my with my deepest inner truths. Even years later, her reading continues to inspire me.Leslee M., Author & Healer

Whether we connect in person or by phone, Roslyn’s abilities as an intuitive counselor have facilitated significant growth and change in my life. It is a joy to work with her! – Jen H.

Something really big and major shifted. . .I just feel so much lighter and joyful! Thank you for sharing your gift. – Diane R.

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE AWESOME HEALING! I slept so well last night. No tossing my hips all night to relieve the pain & discomfort . . . Now I am even braver to get rid of stuff I was hanging onto. – Carol W.

Each time I work with Roslyn, I know I am in for an expansion of my current consciousness. – Cynthia W., Author & Mom

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